The Kompetenzzentrum für Ernährung (KErn) [Competence Center for Nutrition] belongs to the Bavarian State Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Forestry. KErn has the objective to accelerate exchange between research, food industry/production, and nutrition education and to therefore facilitate the flow of information between all participating groups and to help transferring current knowledge into practice.

KErn comprises three departments – Nutritional knowledge & innovation, nutrition education & public catering and food industry & enjoyment – and has offices in Kulmbach and Freising. Themes relevant to society define KErn’s target groups.

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An overwhelming amount of nutrition information and food scandals result in uncertain consumers being faced with a gigantic product choice and a continuous stream of new media reports. In this context strategies for assessing the information stream and generating authoritative knowledge are important.  Mehr


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KErn addresses relevant authorities and partners in nutrition: state institutions such as officials; education, health, and social institutions; doctors and midwives; nutrition advice; industry; and, not least, the media.   Mehr


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KErn’s interdisciplinary focus is supported by a team with different academic backgrounds comprising nutritionists and food scientists; agricultural-economists and scientists; sociologists; and qualified pedagogues.  Mehr


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KErn is linked to the Bayerische Landesanstalt für Landwirtschaft (LfL) [Bavarian State Research Center for Agriculture] and comprises three departments: Nutritional knowledge & innovation, nutrition education & public catering and food industry & enjoyment.  Mehr


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KErn has offices in two locations: Kulmbach and Freising. Both locations are characterized by an excellent scientific landscape in the field of nutrition.  Mehr

Advisory Council

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The Advisory Council is involved in developing KErn's profile. It is reflected in KErn’s structure: high-profile representatives from science, food industry, and production as well as nutrition advice and education working together.  Mehr